Beneficiary Tracers of Canada

If you have received a letter from us you are probably visiting this site to confirm our credentials and to ensure this is a legitimate offer.

Beneficiary Tracers of Canada is a people finding service dealing in most part with the legal profession, institutional estate trustees and others. We trace beneficiaries world wide who are due, for various reasons, to receive money. To date, we have been successful in locating and assisting in reuniting over three million dollars CDN with their beneficiaries, some who have provided us with their comments.

We are not an internet company with a hidden identity, and our registered office is in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada (about 60 miles north of Toronto, Canada). Confirmation of insurance, licencing, bonding, etc may be viewed here.

We use only public records to locate and ensure your privacy is our utmost concern. No information is divulged to any third party without written consent to do so.

If you receive a proposed fees agreement from us, you can of course show it to your own solicitor and in fact we recommend that you do so.

Beneficiary Tracers of Canada traces and locates for any ethical reason. It is not necessary for our services to be ordered by lawyers or companies – we undertake searches on behalf of individuals as well. However, for searches for individual members of the public, we do need to be paid in advance. Searches are individually tailored to suit your particular requirements.

If you have any questions you are welcome to ask at any time by letter, telephone or email, click here for more information.
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